The Green Design Brief - Complete Edition

a holistic blueprint for human centered, cost effective sustainable project concepts in tropical climates

We’ve come across a lot of aspiring green project developers in our consulting work. Many of you are already persuaded about the enormous value sustainable and people centered projects have for your customers, investors and communities and all you need is a place to start, a tangible goal and an action plan to meet it. This is it. The Green Design Brief is what we use with our clients and compiles all information you need to get your green, smart, people centric project off the ground. We hope that you will find in these pages the means to take off your next development project and to push it further towards the sustainable, resilient, healthy and smart places that people expect and the planet accepts.

In it, you’ll find:

*a market assessment for sustainable buildings and key drivers for their adoption with a focus on Asia's region,

* a presentation of the Integrated Design Process and key design metrics that support holistic, bioclimatic and people centric projects,

* a certification comparison matrix illustrating how LEED, WELL, TREES and EDGE differ,

*a checklist for each sustainability pillar you need to address to ensure your project is right on track of your sustainability goals - developed specifically for tropical climatic conditions, 

*a handy business case to apprehend the value propositions and economics of green buildings and learn how they do not have to cost more,

* and a selection of locally available market ready, cost effective green features to incorporate in your next sustainable project.

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